Dig at the Beg-Er-Vil archaeological site in France

On June 6th, Théophane Nicolas (Inrap), Ronan Gaugne (University of Rennes 1 / IRISA / Inria) and Jean-Baptiste Barreau (CNRS / CReAAH) joined Grégor Marchand (CNRS / CReAAH) with anthropologist Rozenn Colleter Inrap) for a work meeting at the archaeological site of Beg-Er-Vil. This site being excavated constitutes an important case study for the INTROSPECT project. The last excavations made it possible to discover the rest of a circular hut of about 9 m². Small stones planted indicate the position of the partitions. In the center of the hut, a huge pit fireplace measuring 1.50 m in diameter and 30 cm deep was also discovered.

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