Ronan Gaugne Biography

Ronan Gaugne, Research Engineer at the University of Rennes 1.

He graduated in September 1997 from the University of Rennes 1 with a PhD in Computer Science.

He has been the technical manager of the virtual reality platform Immersia ( since its construction in 2010. This platform, common to IRISA and the Inria research center, is dedicated to research activities and offers software and hardware, high-end equipment and expertise support in the field of virtual reality.

He worked for more than ten years in the Company Atos Origin as IT architect and project leader. He managed several technical teams mostly in Telecoms. He was an associate professor working on virtual reality clustering at the University of Orleans for three years, between 1999 and 2002.

Since his involvement in the Immersia platform, he promotes interdisciplinary collaborations around this facility, especially between archaeologists and computer scientists. He is member of the “Association Française de la Réalité Virtuelle (AFRV)” a French association that promotes the real virtuality domain and gathers the main French stakeholders in Real Virtual reality from both the Academic and Industrial sectors.

He is currently involved in the collaborative project “West Digital Conservatory of Archaeological Heritage (in French, “Conservatoire Numérique du Patrimoine Archéologique de l’Ouest”, whose research has been presented to several CH reviews and conferences such as Presence, IJHDE, Euromed and Digital Heritage. His work on this project focuses on the use of immersive virtual reality for archaeology.

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