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Théophane Nicolas is a ceramologist, in charge of operation and research at the National Institute of Preventive Archaeological Research (Inrap), of which he is an elected member of the scientific council. He is a permanent member of the UMR 8215 Trajectoires – De la sédentarisation à l’État (Trajectories, from the Sedentarisation to the state).

As a specialist in ceramic productions in the Bronze Age in Europe (methods of production, typo-chronology, cultural dynamics, social status), he tries to develop research on the uses of building land in northern France.

Co-editor of several books (4), he has also contributed to monographic and synthetic articles in collective works and in national journals (36). He has been working on some 100 ceramic studies in INRAP reports, several of which are in the process of being published.

He is a member of the board of directors of the Association for the Promotion of Research on the Age of the Bronze Age; An association which aims to contribute to the development of archaeological studies and research on European protohistory and particularly on the Age of the Bronze.

Since 2012, it participates with UMR IRISA, INSA Rennes, Of Rennes 1 and the PMEImage and the development of new approaches and tools of 3D analysis for the study of archaeological furniture, notably through the project Imageries and Multi-modal inteRactions for Archeology (IRMA) Défi Imag’In of the CNRS under the Direction of B. Arnaldi (Insa Rennes, UMR 6074IRISA) ( Article119

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