Marie-Anne Paradis Biography

I’m currently working with Archeo-Mamu for summer 2017 on a variety of archaeological projects in close collaboration with the First Nations communities of the Northern Coast of Quebec.
I’m also working on a master’s degree in archeology at Laval University. I’ve also been working in historical and prehistoric archeology in Quebec since summer 2016. My master’s project involves, among other things, the 3D modeling of the architectural plans of the Second Intendant’s Palace (1713 – 1725) in collaboration with Îlot des Palais in Québec. Before getting involved in archaeology, I completed my studies in journalism in 2008. I also studied international relations and modern languages from 2009 to 2012.
My digging experiences started in 2016 at Îlot des Palais (French occupation period up to modern period) and near Ste-Ursule street in Quebec City on a project about the historical period as well. Finally, my last project was in collaboration with Michel Plourde and the Huron-Wendat Council. (
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